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Fifth Avenue Orvis Retail Store

Fifth Avenue STORE HOURS:
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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489 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017
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Fly-Tying 101

Fly Tying 101

Call us at 212-867-0212 for information on upcoming classes and seminars this season.

Fly-Fishing 101 & 201

Fly Fishing 101
Learn fly-fishing basics in one of our free Fly Fishing 101 classes. Perfect for beginners of all ages, the Fly Fishing 101 course includes free lessons on fly casting and outfit rigging.

Fly Fishing 201
If you’ve already completed Fly Fishing 101, you’re ready for the next step. Join us for a short outing on local water and a chance to catch your first fish! A nominal fee for the outing may apply.

A free Trout Unlimited Membership—a $35 value—is included for all FF101 and FF201 graduates. Upon completion of the course, you will receive special in-store offers, valid for the purchase of Orvis products.


Whether you have come up through the Orvis FF101/201 program or you are someone that just wants a little guidance on how to become a better fly fisher, nothing beats time on the water with a knowledgeable guide or instructor. Our FF301 program is the next step in your fly-fishing education. Designed to give you a great on-the-water fly-fishing experience, the day's instruction is built around specific techniques and local fisheries.

Store Personnel

Orvis Retail Store - New York City - Store Manager Doug LopezStore Manager: Doug Lopez
Doug Lopez joined Orvis as the New York Store Manager in 2006, bringing years of specialty retail-management expertise to our team. Doug is extremely passionate about the customer store experience and enjoys the challenges of presenting a unique store to the many visitors from around the world. Doug especially enjoys wingshooting at Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook, NY, and snagging line drives while playing third base for his many softball teams. While away from the store, Doug enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, and the beloved family dog, Chloe.

Orvis Retail Store - New York City - Fishing Manager Chris WoodFishing Manager: Chris Wood
Chris Wood has spent most of the last four decades fishing, exploring the outdoors, and studying nature. The study of fish, their feeding behaviors, and their environmental requirements has been part of his daily life, professionally and/or recreationally, since the mid-80’s. He has spent thousands of hours on the water, and under it, observing fish in their natural habitats. Chris earned a BSc in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University, which he utilized in the private manufacturing and consulting sector for nearly two decades before joining Orvis as the Fishing Manager of the New York City retail store. An avid tier of classic and modern streamers for resident and migratory salmonids, as well as patterns for coastal marine species, and a collector of vintage books on the topic of salmon angling and conservation, Chris has fly fished throughout much of the Lower 48, and in Eastern Canada, Chile, the UK, Andorra, the Bahamas, and Iceland. Chris is a dedicated conservationist, and has been a member of the Atlantic Salmon Federation for many years, having served on the National Advisory Council and US Board of Directors. To date, Chris has authored two books pertaining to water chemistry in the marine environment. Outside of fly fishing, Chris loves to spend time with his family, herds sheep, raises heritage waterfowl, hunts, and enjoys meals prepared with game in the company of good friends.


The Orvis Fly-Fishing Learning Center has hundreds of tutorials, videos, podcasts & articles available on-line, right now!


For all employment opportunities at Orvis, please visit our Careers page.